As a supplier of building products and services, you can access a wide range of public projects that can substantially grow your business by becoming an WPA framework supplier. You can achieve this by completing the tender process for specific WPA frameworks.

Here at WPA, we’ll guide you through the framework process, explaining the terminology and clarifying what you need to do at each stage. Our team will be available to answer any of your queries.

As a supplier, the most important thing you need to find out is which frameworks WPA operates that match your products or services, and what criteria you must fulfil to become an a WPA supplier. Once you’re appointed on a framework, our clients will consider you for projects. In addition, you will be able to directly approach Welsh public sector organisations and promote your services.

Upcoming frameworks

  • Communal Doors and Entrance Doors (CDED8)
  • Roofing Services (RS4)
  • Modular Buildings (MB2)
  • Schools and Community Buildings (SCB3)

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LHC will produce, house and manage the frameworks initiated by WPA members. This ensures compliance, quality and best value for members, at the same time as enabling frameworks entirely shaped for Welsh requirements.

Suppliers can register and start using the portal by clicking here. Once registered, you will be sent your login details in order for you to start the process.



All WPA frameworks have been established in strict compliance with the public sector procurement rules for use by publicly funded organisations in Wales