The new WPA V7 framework offers a replacement to the existing Vacant Property Protection & Associated Services framework (V6) and is suitable for use by all publicly funded bodies throughout Wales.

The V7 framework provides varying levels of security and also services that reduce the time public sector properties stand vacant.

All services and works are undertaken to comply with the control of asbestos regulations 2012 and best practices.

Part A - Property Protection

Vacant property security to prevent trespass, vandalism, and theft of material and equipment;

  • Non-demountable pre-demolition security steel screens
  • Boarding up services
  • Temporary steel security screens (on hire)
  • Temporary steel security keyed or keyless doors (on hire)
  • Temporary alarm system with multiple detectors with alarm response centre (ARC)
  • Electronic managed access key systems
Part B - Clearance and Cleaning Services

Clearance and cleaning services to properties to enable safe working and re-let, and clearance of other areas to ensure the tidy appearance and safety of the public;

  • Clearance - property estate and public areas
  • Cleaning services - end-of-tenancy cleaning
  • Garden maintenance - property and communal areas
Part C - Specialist Cleaning Services

Specialist cleaning services to ensure public areas and workplaces are clean and safe;

  • Sharps clearance, including clinical waste (any location)
  • Bodily waste/fluids and site disinfection (any location)
Part D - Out of Hours Call Centre

Specialist call centres to help provide relief to you day call centres;

  • Calls for emergency repairs
  • Relief or additional cover for clients' own call centre

Valid until 30th June 2022


Vacant Protection and Associated Products