The new WPA Fire Safety - Supply, Works and Services (FS1) framework is suitable for use by all publically funded bodies throughout Wales.


It will comprise a suite of specialist fire safety services to existing domestic and non-domestic buildings, and will be split into the following workstreams:

  • FS1-C: Fire Consultants – including Fire Risk Assessments
  • FS1-P: Passive Fire Protection – including compartmentalisation and fire doors maintenance or replacement

Each workstream is being tendered separately and each will be awarded in the order they were tendered starting with FS1-C coming first.

FS1 - C Fire Safety Consultants & Fire Risk Assessors

FS1-C will assist our partners in their fire safety strategy and principle design responsibilities to their existing buildings and surrounding areas plus the management of these including refurbishment works and construction projects.

FS1-C workstream one offers fire safety engineering services and safety manager services. FS1-C workstream two offers domestic and non-domestic fire risk assessments.

Availble from April 2019 to March 2023.

FS1 - P Passive Fire Protection

FS1-P will assist our partners in managing their buildings and environments as occupiers or landlords in the provision of life safety, property, environmental, and asset protection.

Available from July 2019 to June 2023.


Fire Safety

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