Construction Consultancy

The Construction Consultancy framework was tendered under 3 different regions across Wales. Each region has been assessed individually and the companies appointed have demonstrated the competence and experience to undertake the services required.

Companies were able to apply for individual services or a combined consultancy service. For the combined consultancy services, companies were required to be able to offer all services either directly or through sub-contractors. Through our rigorous evaluation process, we appointed 42 companies who offered best value for money for their services.

The service provision offered through our Construction Consultancy Framework covers the full range of RIBA stages 0-7 to support building projects from site find, survey and feasibility through to design, project management and completion.

The primary consultancy services are   as follows:  

a) Architects      

b) Structural Engineers      

c) Civil Engineers      

d) Building Services Engineers      

e) Quantity Surveying      

f) Clerk of Works Services      

g) Health and Safety Advisors

This framework is suitable for use by all publically funded bodies throughout Wales, the framework will is fully compliant with all Welsh, UK and European Public Procurement regulations.

Valid until: 31st January 2023.


Construction Consultancy