This framework is split into three workstreams, two of which address management and monitoring services and the third covers works associated with the removal of asbestos.

This OJEU compliant framework offers:

  • Access to approved consultants and specialist asbestos contractors
  • Asbestos solutions for all housing and properties including common blocks of housing properties, public and communal buildings, NHS and educational establishments, and all types and classifications of buildings used by public sector authorities
  • Asbestos management services that include, but not limited to: Management and supervision of asbestos removal/remediation, undertaking and preparing third party gap analysis, preparation of surveys and risk assessments including annual reviews, as well as, providing professional and concise asbestos reports in accordance with HSG264
  • Licensed works include, but not limited to: Removal and disposal of asbestos containing materials using appropriate control measures and under appropriately controlled conditions, removal of asbestos containing appliances, dismantling boilers and removal, arrange for and have undertaken all air testing by a UKAS accredited laboratory, as well as, encapsulation works
  • Approved suppliers that will advise on design and regulatory compliance while also maintaining high quality standards, in accordance with ISO9001 Quality Management System
  • Non-Licensed works including: Removal of asbestos and undertaking associated works in accordance with HSG 210 task sheets and preparing risk assessments as required by HSG 210

Valid until: 31st August 2022


Asbestos Works & Services


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