How we operate at WPA is shaped by our mission and values and the culture they help create.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the recognised centre of excellence for public sector procurement. We’ll achieve this through the successful fulfilment of our mission.

Our Mission

We’ll achieve our vision by working in close collaboration with LHC and our partners to produce frameworks that generate best value in terms of Welsh needs, standards and aspirations. We aim to maximise the use of our frameworks to ensure a substantial collective fund generates further investment in Welsh communities.

Our Values

How we approach our work and relationships – with our partners, suppliers, framework suppliers and each other is defined by our values. These are:

Committed to delivering excellence

Expanding knowledge held within the WPA and drawing on our partners’ insights to deliver optimum procurement solutions in terms of quality, efficiency, sustainability and compliance.

Committed to building relationships

Establishing a collective approach to value generation in Welsh by nurturing the shared aspirations of partners, suppliers, residents and other community groups to create better buildings and homes for Welsh communities.

Committed to adapting to changing needs

Listening and responding to the perspectives, needs and aspirations of everyone we work with to ensure the frameworks we produce and the buildings and homes our frameworks help deliver are fully aligned with requirements.

Committed to building trust through clarity

Conducting our business in an open and transparent manner and encouraging the same amongst our partners and suppliers through clear and precise communication.


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What we say

"Our frameworks are not only focused on the traditional price and quality equation. We enable our partners to balance these priorities with other objectives they have for the Welsh local economy, environment and community."

Andrew Hamar - Client Support Manager

Our Technical Promise

Our clients have access to LHC's expertise developed over fifty years, gaining extensive technical product knowledge in the process